Chairman's Jury Introduction

Research of all scales, which at times seems so distant from our own lives, transcending the human dimension in its microscopic approach, seeks to make precise sense of the how and why of our existence. This collective effort, which produces constant progress, must make us all more aware of its value.

It is exciting to see how science and technology, in their continuous evolution, solve many of the problems of our existence and improve our lives.

However, while science can analyse the state of the environment and our planet’s resources, it is not sufficient to intervene on their evolution on the scale and the scope that the problems present. Or at least not to the point of solving the consequences of the excesses that human beings produce. This requires an individual renewal of our values and way of life. Each one of us must own their behaviour and adapt it to the circumstances.

In our case, in as much as architects, it is essential to focus our interest and our approach to the problems that concern us through the lens of our responsibility to maintain the environmental balance and the limited energy resources of our planet. To do this we must be aware that our task is to look at reality as it is, and not how we wish it to be.

Therefore, we must work intensely and with clarity of mind to understand what has to be done, while bringing all of our knowledge to bear on achievement of the solution. We expect architecture to make its beauty felt, but this must be the expression of the intelligence that went into it. In this context, intelligence also shows respect for the environmental equilibrium and the limited resources available to us, as well as for the efficiency, creativity, and diversity that our forebears used in consideration of their very limited resources, or perhaps precisely because of them.


The jury recognizes the quality of the numerous works submitted with a clear focus on sustainability, and has awarded gold and silver medals as well as honourable mentions to reflect appreciation of the lucidity in the projects’ choice of topics and their solution.

By means of a careful analysis of reality, in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design, the researchers have worked on possible topics and situations and, through insightful and creative thinking, they have achieved or proposed solutions to issues of general interest.

In this 12th Fassa Bortolo Italian Prize for Sustainable Architecture, the Jury appreciates the immense energy generated by this competition, and while hoping that there will be more contributors in the Sustainable Design section in the future, extends its congratulations to all the participants, especially the winners.

Victor López Cotelo


The Jury

Prof. Victor López Cotelo, Presidente

Prof.Richard H. M. Goossens

Prof. Simon Rodriguez-Pagès