2011 Edition

The diversity of the contributions, which in this year again came from 15 different countries, stresses one aspect very clearly. The solutions offered reflect a new task, an individual approach born from the respective circumstances which is in its form language strongly varies from the "international style".

Estates which are permanently related to their location, topography surroundings and local climate can show very different approaches for their energy management regarding natural lighting, shading against overheating, and generation of environmental energy for electricity, heating and cooling.

This reflects the development of a new architectural regionalism through the various solutions resulting from reason, knowledge, design competence and creative potential of the authors. The annual change of the members of jury - all of which are internationally highly renowned - ensures neutral decisions free from stylistics or any kind of "school" and also excludes bias in the choice of awarded solutions regarding typology, interpretation of use, material or structural engineering systems.

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Thomas Herzog, Jury Chairman

Francine Houben
Francisco Mangado
Nicola Marzot
Gianluca Minguzzi, Secretary