2009 Edition

After many sessions the Jury has unanimously chosen 6 projects out of 61 coming from 19 countries worldwide to put on the candidate list for the prize or the honourable mention. All of them have a high architectural level and contribute to the scope of the "International Prize for Susteinable Architecture" in very different ways.

So the Jury has decided to award these projects and also to select another 13 realized projects (included in the final shortlist) worthy of mention for particular and interesting aspects. For the Degree Thesis section, 9 prize-worthy projects have been selected coming from various Italian Faculties of Architecture. Since it has been difficult to pick out any one project that stands above the rest and not one of them being so exceptional as to be able to award the first prize, after a further thorough assessment it has been decided to award a special mention equally to 4 of the above-mentioned Degree Thesis works.

All of these projects which have been awarded a mention have developed certain significant aspects in relation to their different functional typology that as a whole make an interesting contribution to the subject of sustainability.

Thomas Herzog, Jury Chairman
Françoise Hélène Jourda
Micheal Hopkins
Nicola Marzot
Gianluca Minguzzi, Secretary