2008 Edition

This edition of the Prize attracted entrants from 11 countries. This confirmed the wide international reputation and growing interest for these awards. Entries included an increasingly diverse range of architectural projects: from new buildings to renovations, from private to public construction, from leisure to industrial sites.

The need to select 5 winning projects and 5 special mentions was due to the high standard of the works presented and to the fact that none of the projects stood out from the others as they all represented excellent solutions able to synthesize the complexity and diversity that characterizes the sustainability issue.

For this reason, the jury deemed it appropriate to award the prize to several works which, as a whole, emphasize the diversity of the project themes and singularly, represent for each case the most suitable solution, showing how each project requires a customized approach. This is also expressed in the report "All projects have, among their characteristics, pioneering aspects".
Thomas Herzog, Jury Chairman
Wilfried Wang
Hermann Kaufmann
Nicola Marzot
Gianluca Minguzzi, Secretary