2004 Edition

The Austrian Georg W. Reinberg was awarded by the International Prize Fassa Bortolo in its first edition as a great supporter of Bioarchitecture in his country.
The designer from Vienna particular work aims at representing the seat and the laboratories of a company producing biocompatible purifiers in a way that the building reflects the product that is manufactured inside. Immersed in the forest of Weidling, this structure is completely independent; the swimming-pool, stretching from the outside in the inner and common spaces, is equipped with a water purifying system using vegetal micro-organisms.
The solar energy stored in a double glazing allows for the working of the plants. Spring water is used for cooling and rain water for irrigating the ground. According to the
North-European architectural tradition larch wood is the most used raw material and the chosen plasters for interiors are biocompatible.
The Italo-Lusitanian couple Cannatà & Fernandez was also awarded by a special mention for the project regarding the self-sufficient architectural modules "Capa and Dst".
The project represents innovative solutions for temporary houses in a very original and eco-friendly view.

Mario Cucinella, Jury Chairman
Brian Ford
Paolo Rava
Gabriele Lelli
Gianluca Minguzzi, Secretary